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Dental Implants

Have you lost a tooth or multiple teeth through tooth decay, gum disease, or some other cause? If so, you might be wondering just what a dentist can do to help someone in your type of situation. At Piedmont Oral & Facial Surgery in Marietta, we can provide dental implants, which are a long-term solution for restoring your teeth.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants consist of artificial tooth roots that are placed in your mouth in the spot where you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth. These implants help to fix the area in your mouth that needs help, in a way, restoring your mouth to the way that it was before.

A dental implant looks and works just like a real tooth. It will protect your jaw just like an actual tooth. Also, after getting your dental implant, you will be able to eat normally and feel more comfortable with your smile again.

For those who have lost a tooth or several teeth through tooth decay, gum disease, root canal failure, excessive wear and tear, trauma to the mouth, or congenital defects, dental implants provide relief and healing.

What kind of help do dental implants offer?

When you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, it can possibly affect your self-esteem. If you have found that you no longer want to smile because you don’t like the way that your mouth looks, a dental implant can help.

If you have missing teeth, it can also cause difficulty while eating. When your dental implants are completed, you will be able to chew food in the same way that you did before you received dental implants.

Finally, dental implants help to stop and prevent jawbone loss. This can occur when you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth.

Dental implants at Piedmont Oral & Facial Surgery in Marietta can help to restore your mouth back to your healthy smile. Our goal is to help keep your entire mouth healthy and beautiful.

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