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In-Office CT Scanner

CS 9300 (CT Scanner)

With our CS9300 imaging equipment, Piedmont Oral & Facial Surgery uses high definition 3-D digital imaging for diagnosis and planning. These powerful machines offer quick and easy image acquisition, thereby exposing patients to less radiation when compared to traditional CT scans. These state-of-the-art devices provide a full range of diagnostic views, including complete scans of all oral and maxillofacial structures. This information gives Dr. Patel more thorough structural knowledge, which enables more accurate diagnosis and treatment planning with a more predictable outcome.
The CS 9300 imaging allows Dr. Patel to see dental issues in a whole new light and more accurately plan your treatment. A view of teeth, their roots, and supporting bony and soft tissues, along with access to many vital stuctures (such as nerves and sinuses) enables Dr. Patel to accurately and efficiently plan your surgery. Our dental imaging equipment integrates with the all of our software to ensure fast, efficient and accurate diagnosis. Dr. Patel can quickly inspect each image and analyze it in detail using simple and powerful diagnostic assistance tools. He can also share the results with the other providers for your dental care, further reducing unnecessary exposure to you.
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